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Healthy fruit desserts that will change your meals

We started a health campaign called the power of natural foods and has helped many to get health benefits from the food they eat rather than health risks.  It is true that the food you eat has a great impact on your health, and choosing healthy foods can save you while unhealthy foods can ruin your body. After a healthy meal, you would wish to have healthy fruit desserts. But what are healthy fruit desserts? 

Healthy fruit desserts are those desserts with fruits that are rich in fiber, have a great water content, vitamins and are relatively low in calories. The desserts have fruits such as avocado, bananas, pineapple, watermelon, berries, apples, mango, lemons, watermelon, olives, grapes, cherries, and others. 

What to look for in a healthy fruit dessert. 

Fiber:  Foods that are high in fiber help keep satisfaction longer. This means that you will less likely be craving food till your next meal. This is a measure that many people use to control their calorie intake and weight gain. 

Water content: since many people don’t drink enough water, getting it from desserts can help them meet their daily water requirements. Many fruits have a high water content with some reaching 92 %. 

Vitamins: fruits are the best sources of vitamin C which is essential for skin health, lowering the risk of heart disease, boosts immunity, and other benefits. 

Low calories: people who are on weight-loss diets usually restrict their calorie intake. Fruits most especially whole and fresh fruits are low in calories which makes them great for dessert. 


When making a healthy dessert, you should have more fruits and less sugar. If possible, take advantage of the natural sugars in fruits and don’t add any sugar into your desserts.  

While the taste is important, the nutrients got from your dessert should be the main focus.   


Healthy fruit desserts.

1.  Coconut mango blueberry crisp.

This is a nutrient-healthy dessert with a lot of health benefits from 3 fruits. This dessert is also vegan and gluten-free which makes it a dessert that can be eaten on almost every diet. 

Coconuts are rich in fiber, highly nutritious with a lot of powerful antioxidants. With the addition of mangoes and blueberry, this dessert is favorable for people who want to lose weight as well as have a healthy eating lifestyle. 

2. Blackberry tarts.

This is a dessert made of fresh blackberries. With fresh berries and a homemade tart crust shell, you will have a healthy fruity dessert. 

This dessert is highly nutritious with a lot of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, with many other health benefits. 

 Here is the recipe. 

3. Orange-chamomile cake.

Packed with oranges and the chamomile a spice with many health benefits. You will get lot of vitamin C and a lot of antioxidants from this dessert. 

The ingredients in this dessert are chamomile, pure vanilla extractall-purpose flour, baking powder, and others. 

 The combination of chamomile and oranges will get you healthy following the many health benefits of chamomile which you can read here. 

Here is the recipe. 

4. Blackberry lime cream puffs.

Made with blackberry and lime, this dessert is healthy and nutritious. Blackberries are packed with vitamins and minerals that contribute to health benefits such as boosting brain health, oral health, promoting bowel movements, blood sugar control, and other benefits.

Lime on the other side is a great source of vitamin C which is essential for skin health and general body health.

Here is the recipe. 

5. Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Trifle

 Filled with a lot of proteins from yogurt and vitamins from the berries, this dessert will compete with your healthy meal. Proteins are known for weight loss and bodybuilding while the berries help with lowering cholesterol levels, fighting inflammation, great for the skin, are loaded with antioxidants and with high fiber content. 

Here is the recipe. 

6. Raspberry rose coconut bars.

A dessert with an amazing aroma will complete your meal as it leaves you healthy. The addition of fruits to this dessert will help you meet your vitamin requirements.  Other ingredients such as coconut milk, vanilla extract, raspberry jam, and others will create a healthy dessert that your family will enjoy.  

Here is the recipe. 

7. Blood orange and coconut vegan mousse.

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin n C from your meals, a dessert with a lot of vitamin C is the answer. 

 With ingredients such as tofu, vegan chocolate, cocoa butter, dates, blood orange, coconut milk, and others, you will enjoy a tasteful dessert filled with a lot of health benefits. 

Here is the recipe 

8. Classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 Made with chocolate and strawberries, this dessert tastes awesome and is packed with a lot of health benefits associated with chocolate and berries. 

With 32 calories, 91% of water content, vitamin C, 2 grams of fiber, and other minerals having strawberries in your diet can improve your nutrition. Some of the health benefits of strawberries include heart health, blood sugar regulation, cancer prevention, and others.

Here is the recipe. 

9. Watermelon Ice Cream

With a water content of 92% per volume, watermelons are the best hydrating fruits. If you are looking for a dessert that will help you meet your water intake requirement, this is it. A lot of health benefits are associated with eating watermelon. 

The fact that ice cream is a favorite to many people, your family will definitely like this dessert. It can as well be eaten while on many diets such as the weight loss diet since it is low in calories. 

Here is the recipe 

10. Watermelon fries with coconut lime dip.

Looking for a gluten-free, vegan yet healthy summer dessert? Choose the Watermelon fries with coconut lime dip. This dessert doesn’t need frying just more dipping and dipping.

Thinly sliced watermelon pieces are dipped into coconut yogurt, tajin seasoning, lime, and coconut sugar. Tastes good right from the recipe? Yes, even the final results are just amazing.

A lot of health benefits are associated with this dessert since it is packed with many healthy ingredients which are watermelon, coconut yogurt, lime, and coconut sugar.

Here is the recipe

The bottom line.

There are over 100 healthy fruit desserts that you can add to your diet. In choosing desserts, choose those that have more fruits than other ingredients.

Additionally, desserts with less added sugar will be of much benefit to your body.

Did you know that healthy eating can save you from health risks that are associated with unhealthy eating? What do I mean by healthy eating?

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